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Leading Building Industry Towards ‘Net Zero’

Net Zero

Practical Design Solutions in Pakistan can Impact Future Generations through Sustainable & Resilient Structures The clock is ticking, with every passing moment we are drifting away from life, inhaling clean air is beyond reach, lands are getting barren and famine leads to fatalities. Lahore is the most polluted city of the world, according to WHO. […]

Breakthrough in Construction Industry: Union Developers has Introduced Revolutionizing Autodesk Software Solutions in BIM

UDPL Autodesk

Challenges of Pakistan’s Construction Sector Effective collaboration and seamless teamwork, is a foundation of achieving success. Pakistan’s construction industry is no stranger to challenges, especially when it comes to project execution. Lack of collaboration, communication gaps, design revisions, price hike and clashes between plan drafts are the major hurdles faced by stakeholders. Union Developers (Pvt.) […]

Sustainable Cities, Resilient Future

Sustainable Cities

In a world where the concept of future cities often conjures up sci-fi imagery and technological dominance, the real challenge lies in creating smart, sustainable environments for sustainable cities. Amidst the complexities of the 21st century, it becomes increasingly vital to prioritize the development of cities that are humane, nurturing, and environmentally friendly. This shift […]

Top industry players recognised at 2023 Real Estate Asia Awards

real estate asia awards

Source: The awards programme lauds innovative and standout real estate projects and developments. Project developments and sales operations in the real estate industry were greatly impacted by unforeseen circumstances brought about by the pandemic. Despite this, many developers managed to remain resilient whilst thriving amidst the challenging times. In recognition of the most innovative […]

Living in Luxury: Why Luxury Apartments are Worth Living and Investment

Luxury apartments offer a premium living experience with top-of-the-line amenities, sleek architecture for modern and contemporary interiors, and stunning panoramic views. Luxury apartments may come at a higher price point than standard apartments, but at the same time they provide unparalleled comfort and convenience. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of living in […]

Unlocking the Door to Real Estate Investment: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Real estate investment can be a lucrative opportunity for investors looking to build long-term wealth. However, like any other investment, it comes with its unique challenges and risks. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different types of real estate, benefits of investing, factors to consider before investing, and tips to succeed in real estate […]

Prime Time or Pitfall for Property Investment Pakistan

 Recession: Prime Time or Pitfall for Property Investment  Pakistan Observed Sizable Rise in Real-Estate Investment amidst Economic Challenges  Smart Investment means developing long-term pocket-friendly saving assets A recession can provide a chance to buy assets at a discount, invest for the long term, build your assets, and diversify your portfolio. While investing during a recession […]

Real Estate Industry is the Backbone of the Developing Economy

Real Estate Industry is the Backbone of the Developing Economy It’s not merely the plots, apartments, or houses on sale; it’s more about building lifestyle, society & nation From town planning to land development, infrastructure design to construction, and buildings to live communities; 2000+ Industries are associated with this trade  Historic preface of Living: Picture […]

Evolution of Mixed-use Developments Trend

It is estimated to the best of human knowledge that some 6000 years ago, men came across a piece of land ideally located in a way that the River Euphrates flowed on the East side along with the River Tigris forming a crescent on the South while the West shored on the Mighty Nile. This […]