5 Star Hotel

5 Star Hotel

A modern community enhances the lifestyle with its exclusive amenities. Etihad Town has every facility that gives you a feeling of absolute comfort. Here you can have a refined living experience, enjoy its grand shopping mall, benefits from the exclusive resident’s community club, and safety of a gated community. But there is more!

Union Developers have delivered an upscale lifestyle in the community of Etihad Town. To make it a complete package, there is a 5 Star Hotel too. Where you can enjoy a fine dining experience, a comfortable stay, and exclusive hospitality. Our 5 Star Hotel has an ultra-modern architecture with super contemporary decor. It is a place that promises a few hours of respite in a serene environment with great food.

Ultra-Exclusive Space

Our 5 Star Hotel has a highly luxurious environment that welcomes you with exclusive hospitality and top-quality comfort. The location of the hotel is chosen with care and strategy to deliver the best experience. It is a socially vibrant local which is perfect for various gatherings. It is ideal for personal, social, family, and business meet-ups. Whether it is a celebration or a business deal, our 5 Star Hotel is the right place to arrange and enjoy it.


The dining experience at our hotel is unmatched with a formal atmosphere and a fancy menu to tantalize your taste buds. We have experienced chefs and trained hospitality staff to wait on you. The ambiance of our dining hall is unbeatable to deliver a true sense of fine dining and elegance.

5 Star Amenities

Etihad Town commits to providing only the best for the community. It has marvelous suites with an opulent and spacious environment to deliver maximum comfort. All modern conveniences have been provided here to make your stay in this place just like a home but better. The ambiance of our luxury suites is homey which makes your stay with us restful and utterly relaxing.

5 Start Experience

The hotel has every luxurious amenity that contributes to making your stay a truly 5 Star experience. The hotel has room service, laundry service, and exceptional housekeeping. There are also some added facilities like a modern spa and fitness center to keep your exercise routine going while you are staying with us.

The 5 Star Hotel in Etihad Town exceeds expectations and offers the exclusive experience of an unforgettable stay. We aim to raise your living standards altogether!