Etihad Town

Etihad Town is a modern marvel of real estate projects by Union Developers.

Etihad Town - For a Perfect Home

Etihad Town  is a modern marvel of real estate projects by Union Developers. It is a well-developed residential community that is perfect for profitable real estate investment opportunities or to build your dream home. Etihad Town is a gated community that offers exclusivity and all the conveniences of an upscale lifestyle. It offers the residential and Commercial Plots for a successful life and a better living experience.

Advantages of buying a Residential plot in Etihad Town

Whether you are looking to build your dream home or making a smart investment for the future, Etihad Town is a perfect place for that.

It is a modern progressive community that accounts for every amenity you could imagine. Etihad Town caters to a wide range of preferences for facilities  and benefits. This Town is a gated community, which offers exclusivity and security. Town is at a prime location that offers greater property values. It is an LDA-approved project by Union Developers that is in accordance with every legal and safety condition. Etihad Town has various attractions such as Union Mall, Community Club, 5 Star Hotel, etc. Besides all these advantages, it offers a better living standard to the residents.

Our Residential Plots

Our residential plots are a blank canvas that you get to color as per your own taste. This residential community has a serene environment for an ultra-exclusive lifestyle. It has every modern amenity that your heart could desire. The community has been carefully planned to perfection and designed to give incredible aesthetics to the residential colony. The plots and streets are marked and named for convenient directional assistance. Everything in the town is planned to keep an upscale lifestyle and the resident’s living preferences in mind. Getting a plot in Etihad Town’s residential area is an opportunity that you do not want to miss out on.

We are offering residential plots of 5 Marla and 10 Marla sizes. They are available for purchase and ready to fulfill your dream of a perfect house.

These plots are ideal for your home of any capacity or design you like.  The location is perfect for beneficial property values and offers easy access to the city. The lush green surroundings provide a relaxing view that exudes comfort all around. Consider this invaluable opportunity carefully and buy a plot in Etihad Town. Contact us for more details and let’s plan for your secure future today.

Residential Plots - commercial-flyer
Residential Plots - residential-flyer

Commercial Plots in Etihad Town

Etihad Town brings prime real estate investment opportunities for residence and commercials interests. It is a modern, thriving community that offers comfort, a serene environment, and an extraordinary lifestyle. The community is designed to deliver residential and commercial benefits to concerned parties. There are several commercial plots available in the dedicated business area. It is a unique chance to establish your business and build a strong presence.

Importance of Commercial Plots in Etihad Town

Our high-value commercial plots are not only beneficial for business, but they also help in uplifting the community’s collective interests. Etihad Town is an emerging business hub with exceptional facilities provided by Union Developers. Our commercial plots are strategically mapped to bring better exposure to your business and draw in more and more potential customers.

Importance of Commercial Plots in Etihad Town

Commercial plots have greater real estate values, but the same plots in a modern exclusive community offer a specialized boost to all businesses.

Our Commercial plots in Etihad Town are higher value properties than any other alternative option. We offer several benefits by positively impact the collective worth of a community.

  • Well established high-end client base
  • Strong and impressive location for business’s branch or offices
  • Boosts commercial activity due to the proximity from the residential and industrial area
  • Quick access to Ring Road and rest of the Lahore City for a convenient commute
  • Constant supply of general utilities and invisible underground wiring to maintain refined aesthetics

Our commercial area offers endless benefits to any business. Getting your commercial plot now means you get the best pick of a great bunch. So, consider the value of these commercial plots in terms of business advantage and book your plot today!

Commercial Plot Specification

The expensive commercial plots within Etihad Town have every facility needed to uplift the business center at their disposal. This business center will have offices with state-of-the-art facilities. These commercial plots are close to the main attraction of the community like a grand plaza, shopping complexes, etc. Their perfect location makes them strategically invaluable. Etihad Town has 4 Marla, 5.33 Marla, 6 Marla, and 8 Marla commercial plots for various businesses. The prime location of these commercial plots and the facilities provided by Union Developers are ideal for your exponential business growth. The whole town and every little thing in it has been carefully designed and developed to deliver maximum benefit, convenience, luxury, and entertainment.
Residential Plots - map-union-luxury-apartments
Etihad Town Map
Residential Plots - NOC-Etihad-Town
Etihad Town NOC