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For people looking to move into a new apartment, it is challenging to relocate all their stuff. The same difficulty is faced by the residents of an apartment that got a bit cluttered. So, where you are have found the perfect one bedroom apartment for sale in Lahore to move in or want to make space in the existing one, some changes are required.

Apartments are relatively smaller and cannot contain more people or their stuff than originally intended. Therefore, whenever someone wants to move to a new apartment or de-clutter one, it is advised to get rid of any unnecessary things. Especially if they take a lot of space and need maintenance. Extra stuff is like dead weight, it is always better to get rid of it.

However, before discarding stuff you need to make sure that you will not need it in the future. In other words, be sure not to through things out that you later have to buy again. It is much simpler to make a list of all the essential things you will keep and then through the rest out.

Another piece of advice for house cleaning or relocating is; if you are not sure whether to keep something or through it out, set it aside to reconsider later. After everything else is sorted it will be much easier to come back and sort out the reconsider pile.

Here is a list of apartment essentials that you definitely need, and the rest can be donated to goodwill:

It is better to make a checklist by room.

  1. The Bedroom

– Keep

  • The main furniture
  • Best pillows and blankets
  • Air conditioning unit, water heater, fan, light bulbs

– Discard or Repair

  • Any broken furniture or furnishing
  • Any worn-out pillows or torn blankets
  1. The Lounge

– Keep

  • A set of couch, futon, or sofas
  • Any expensive decorative object
  • The coffee table, TV (if not out-dated), and TV stand

– Discard or Repair

  • The damaged or over-used couches or chairs
  • Any old wall hangings, lamps, or decoration pieces
  • Any broken cabinets, bookcases, etc
  1. The Kitchen

– Keep

  • Main kitchen utensils
  • Common use and guest serving article i.e. Plates, bowls, cutlery, water glasses, mugs, knives, a cutting board, tin opener, pots, a frying pan, and a trash can.
  • All appliances oven, blender, coffeemaker, fridge, etc

– Discard or Repair

  • The burnt, bent, or useless cookware and utensils
  • Any broken miss-matched articles
  • Any broken or out of order appliances respectively


  • Get new locks and keys for your new apartment.
  • Maintain a basic toolkit with a hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape, pliers, box cutter, etc
  • Maintain a first aid box with a spirit swab, bandage, tweezers, gauze, pain killer, and other over the counter medication
  • Get some spare batteries, adapter plugs, and a long extension cord
  • For some privacy get curtains, the rod and fittings are also important
  • A working flashlight, candles, and spare matches
  • Keep a complete set of toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc
  • Get necessary cleaning supplies broom, mop, detergent, rags, a bucket, etc
  • A washing machine and a laundry basket

These are the necessary things to have in a one-bedroom apartment. Everything else can be discarded, repaired for further use, or donated if you feel like getting an updated version for the new apartment. For people searching for a flat on installment in Lahore for the first time, the same list works but they will have to gather these things one by one. It may take some time to complete the furnishings but it will be worth it.


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