Low-Cost Housing Society among Gated Communities in Lahore

The burning issue of population rise and its accommodation, has led to a lot of densely urban populated areas which are not keen on creating room for fresh breathing spaces. Urban design interventions, is an emerging strategy of art-based social change, specifically gaining momentum in, already built urban environment and upcoming urban and landscape architectural planning, around the world. Union Greens housing society in Lahore is the first low-cost housing society in Lahore, designed around this concept.

3 Marla Plots for Sale in Lahore, Plots Ready for Possession & Construction

Lying at the foot of famous College Road Lahore, slinking around the localities of several reputed and alive residential societies, lies the fabled land of Union Greens, one of the best housing society in Lahore, in this vicinity. It is an eloquently and aesthetically designed abode of modern housing society in Lahore having residential 3 Marla plots for sale are available, nestled in the robust landscape. Like a lucky charm, it has an authentication tag, an evolving history of award-winning mentor trust, the privilege of being centre of attention, the luxury of location and an incredible futuristic vision with the icing of plots ready for possession and ready for construction plots. As compare to 5 Marla plots for sale in Lahore, these are the best option as they are economically viable and located at the prime location.

Relationship between new development of Union Greens housing society and the need to encourage & enhance neighbourhood character and a connected urban experience has been carefully considered while developing this modern housing society in Lahore, of 3 Marla plots.


‘Union Greens Playscape’ Linear Park, is a one-of-its-kind, fun-escape from the daily routine scenery and life of gated communities in Lahore and is the dominant public space of modern living in Lahore that is a social hub for the residents. It maps innovative and creative design tactics, and blurs the line between art, architecture, green area injections, water features, mesmerizing play of colors & lights and public participation elements. It is not only targeted towards the health and vitality of residents but also acts as a charismatic capstone of this modern housing society in Lahore, itself.

Affordable Housing Society in Lahore

Union Greens housing society in Lahore is a perfect example of best housing society in Lahore, supporting the city’s existing fabric by revitalizing vacant city blocks and connecting existing communities to create an integrated, walkable urban experience. It co-exists with and even enhance the preservation of existing community identity of College Road. In addition to the live, work, play model that makes up the bulk of Union Greens housing society in Lahore, special consideration is made to include cultural, educational, and entertainment hubs within this urban district, to differentiate experience and encourage cross-pollination of visitors and residents throughout the city. This unique character of our neighborhood is manifested in the opening up of direct connection from NFC – I double approach road and further diversifies the identity of Union Greens housing society in Lahore.


(Inclusive of Development Charges)

Plot Category


4 Quarterly Installments

Total Amount

3 Marla





The powerful formula of activated mixed-use housing society, accessibility to social and cultural resources and residential and retail activation is our proven strategy implemented in Union Greens housing society for creating this new and vibrant gated community city center.


Union Greens housing society in Lahore is a successfully designed urban district having forward-thinking planning teams. This has resulted in sound urban planning strategies; well-preserving character, influence, impact that engage a housing society in a way that design and architecture can truly craft the brand narrative within the city through growth and change.

Union Greens
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