Trends of Property Investment in Pakistan 2021

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There has been a recent boost in the real estate industry of Pakistan. People are now starting to take an interest in investment opportunities on a much bigger scale. The reason behind this is the evolution of housing societies in Pakistan. These properties are located within the upscale gated communities, similar to Etihad Town and house the most magnificent infrastructures. Housing schemes are becoming quite popular, and newer ones keep popping up one after the other. They have both residential and commercial plots in addition to the luxury facilities provided to their residents.

Real estate investment is trending upwards, especially in the big and heavily populated cities of Pakistan. Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi have some of the best housing societies build using severe technological advancements in this industry. These modern housing societies offer an upscale living standard, and many people are attracted to them. This public interest acts as a force multiplier due to which more and more people are partaking in real estate investment.

Trends of Real Estate Business for the Year 2021

The real estate industry is emerging in Pakistan at a faster rate than ever before. However, when Covid 19 hit in 2020, the sector experienced severe losses across the board. Every sector of real estate, primarily industrial, suffered a severe economic imbalance. In this time of financial instability, the interest rates for the property dropped, and the investors took advantage of it by investing in different housing schemes and other valuable properties.

The experts in the real estate industry projected that 2021 would bring favorable winds for investment in Pakistan. This prediction was based on the increase in value of different types of property over the years, and that return on investment is experiencing a constant high. Moreover, the investors who retained properties for 4 to 5 years stand to make significant profits by selling them. All these factors are proven to be notable influencers in driving people to invest more in real estate. Therefore, this industry is expected to grow exponentially this year. These investments will be located in upscale residential societies such as Etihad Town and premier projects like Union Luxury Apartments.

Influencing Factors of Investment Choices

Following are the factors contributing to finding what properties the people will be interested in for investment purposes.

  • Economic conditions are supposed to play an essential part in this decision. People would also like to inspect interest rates, taxation rules, and government policies that influence their choices for investment.
  • The location of the property is going to be the deal-breaker. Every successful venture in the real estate industry depends on the right place of the property and its strategic and geographic importance. The properties with good locations bring higher values compared to the properties with not-so-great locations.
  • Investors will be inclined towards exceptional housing schemes such as Etihad Town by Union Developers. These projects are built with specialized technology by keeping the modern lifestyle expectations in mind with the focus on boosting the value of property to gain better returns.
  • Property layout and the architecture of a property are also going to be severe determinants regarding the preferences of investors. They prefer properties that have modern architecture, spacious floor plans, similar exclusive attributes, etc.

Punjab, the province of Pakistan, has various landscapes, therefore, a lot of real estate development potential. Nowadays, it has become the hub of exceptional developmental projects. Even there are some projects initiated by the Government of Pakistan. Private developers and the government realize the potential this province has for the improvement of infrastructure and are taking full advantage of it.

Where the real estate sector is concerned, Punjab still has a lot of potentials. Many famous buildings have been built in significant housing schemes within the large cities of Punjab, such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, etc. This is the age where people seek a lavish lifestyle and want to live in an upscale modern housing society. Both of these factors contribute towards the upward trending of the real estate industry in Pakistan.


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