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Breakthrough in Construction Industry: Union Developers has Introduced Revolutionizing Autodesk Software Solutions in BIM


Challenges of Pakistan’s Construction Sector

Effective collaboration and seamless teamwork, is a foundation of achieving success. Pakistan’s construction industry is no stranger to challenges, especially when it comes to project execution. Lack of collaboration, communication gaps, design revisions, price hike and clashes between plan drafts are the major hurdles faced by stakeholders. Union Developers (Pvt.) Ltd., with an experience of over 10 years in the construction sector, has taken lead to address these challenges with modern technology-based solutions. By introducing cutting-edge Autodesk software solutions in BIM department, Union Developers has successfully improved efficiency, reduced errors and minimise delays which enhanced the overall quality of the projects.

Let’s delve deeper into how Union Developers has transformed its construction by adopting innovative tools.

Autodesk Software Solutions in BIM Department:

Union Developers has harnessed the power of Autodesk software; including ‘Revit’, ‘Navisworks’ and ‘Common Data Environment’. These tools have proven track-record to be indispensable for architects, engineers and construction teams in the construction sector. It enables the creation, visualization and simulation of complex building designs and projects allowing for detailed planning and seamless execution.

Revit: For Enhanced Collaboration & Communication

Revit’s server-based work-sharing model, has revolutionized collaboration between various project stakeholders like architects, engineers and construction teams. They can now work simultaneously on the same Revit model which improves communication, minimize misunderstandings and eliminate errors. This feature ensures a seamless workflow and allows for real-time updates which puts a full-stop to the need for constant back-and-forth communication.

Common Data Environment: For Streamlined Documents Management

Access to verified and up-to-date documents is a common challenge faced by various teams working on a construction project, through ‘Common Data Environment’ this is no longer a challenge at the construction wing of Union Developers. The centralized storage location incorporated for the project documents, enables an easy tracking of changes and the creation of specified versions required of these documents. With access to everyone on the latest version, the company ensures efficiency and accuracy throughout the construction process.

Navisworks: For Timely Detection of Clashes & Timeline Management

‘Navisworks’ has been a game-changer for Union Developers in identifying clashes between different systems in the building. Timely detection of such clashes in the designing phase, saves valuable time and money of the company. Additionally; Navisworks helps in updating costs timely and accurately, as a result of any design change. Moreover, the quantity survey and cost estimation teams of Union Developers, also stay attuned with the design team, thanks to synchronized changes on the server and common data environment.

Well-Trained Team & Seamless Execution:

The successful implementation of BIM solutions requires a well-trained team. In order to ensure a seamless workflow among all team members involved in the design process, the company has regular training sessions. These hands-on sessions equip and apprise the team with knowledge to effectively utilize the software, ensuring everyone is on the same wave-length and benefited with the latest version of the model and can make desired amendments in their work-scope without disturbing other parts of the design.

Benefits & Business Outcome:

The adoption of BIM solutions has yielded numerous benefits for Union Developers. The projects’ cost is reduced by approximately 10% for both new and ongoing projects. It has improved design quality and reduced clashes and has also enhanced the overall sustainability of project buildings. Additionally, accurate estimations have also resulted in better project management and financial planning.

Achievement & Conclusion:

Successful implementation of these Autodesk softwares in BIM department of Union Developers’ construction wing can serve as a lighthouse for the overall construction industry of the country. It is effectively demonstrating the transformative power of technology in overcoming construction design challenges and reduction in cost of the overall project. By embracing these innovative solutions and fostering collaboration, the industry can pave the way for more efficient, reliable and sustainable future constructions.

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