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Secrets of social media that Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

In 2022, social media will be essential for real estate agents. I could talk about this all day, but my advice comes down to one central point: provide high-quality material valuable to your audience. That’s how you build a fan base, maintain potential leads’ attention, and provide a relevant and memorable brand message. When done effectively, your social media material will capture and hold the attention of previous, current, and potential customers, extend your reach, and help you to establish yourself as the go-to agent in your market. Here are five things you should be doing if you’re a real estate agent trying to maximize your usage of social media:

Educating potential buyers:

Determine what concerns buyers with little understanding of the home-buying process and market could be asking and provide answers. Then envision what they aren’t Googling but should be, and offer insider knowledge and recommendations to draw them in.

Delivering a diverse range of content:

You’re not doing it correctly if your feed is all real estate, all the time! You should provide a range of information, including both timely—such as news and trend commentary—and personal—to show readers a little more about who you are and what sets you apart.

Establishing yourself as the area’s go-to expert:

Why should people pick you as their agent in your market? Are you a third-generation resident of the community? Do you have three children who are all doing well in public school? Do you spend your weekends coaching minor league at the park or know all the best local restaurants? Share your deep knowledge of the place with others so they can realize that no one understands your town as you do.

Maintaining a consistent message:

Your brand must be reflected in your social media posts. Develop your brand first if you don’t already have one. Personal branding is so critical to an agent’s success that I’ve created a course, written a book, and generally talked about it. Your brand sets you apart from the competition—what makes you stand out and makes a customer choose you over another. It would help if you spent time refining your brand and posting consistent, on-brand content across all channels. Example: Are you the “rocker agent” who used to play drums in a previous life? Make sure your postings reflect this, whether through the language you use, the videos you upload, or the information you provide. Since you’re the ” vegan agent, “do you have the nicest selection of local vegan delights at your open homes since you’re the “vegan agent”? Same deal: communicate this critical aspect of your brand across all channels and in everything you do. This is the secret sauce—the “And”—that goes beyond merely marketing real estate and adds a personal touch to your material.

Utilizing video:

Today’s marketing requires video, especially for real estate agents. Create virtual tours, FaceTime walk-throughs for out-of-town clients, and video yourself providing brief, targeted recommendations on a relevant topic. As you evaluate your social media approach, keep these points in mind. It’s never too late or too early to rethink your content, and I can assure you that investing the time and effort to develop regular, on-brand social media postings will significantly influence your business.

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