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Steps to Sell a Property Without an Estate Agent

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Are you looking for an alternative to using an estate agent to sell your property? You are not the only one experiencing this. Today, a homeowner pays an agent up to 1.42 % of the property’s sale price for assessment, pictures, listing, and a sale board.

While internet estate brokers provide considerably more affordable services, some homeowners are beginning to wonder if they can undertake the task independently.

Is it possible to sell your property without an agent?


It’s not rocket science to sell your property on your own, but it’s also not a walk in the park. To locate a buyer for your house on your own, you must be well-versed in the complexities of property selling.

What are the steps in the complete procedure?

Let’s start with the easiest ones.

house sell

Make the property attractive:

If you’ve decided to do the work yourself, making the procedure as simple as possible is critical. This implies that you should make your home as attractive as possible. People do not want to see the waste in your house. Anything that causes people to lose focus or prevents them from seeing the property’s benefits clearly must be addressed. Also recommend against remodeling the entire kitchen and bathrooms to sell the property, which is a common practice. You may clean up the area and repair or replace any damaged components.

Set a price:

The next stage is to decide on a price for your property once you’ve made it sellable. This is where you’ll need the greatest help from real estate professionals. Still, you can accomplish it on your own, perhaps even better than you thought. Many internet estate agencies offer helpful online house valuation tools to assist you in determining the value of your property.

Give a brief description:

It’s time to tell the buyers how beautiful your home is once you’ve fixed the price. With well-written descriptions, you can pull potential buyers through the door. You may be compelled to write a complete story, but customers tend to skim through long narratives. For the customers to view, you must offer a lot of interior images and floor plans.

Post best photos:

If the photographs of your property fail to convey the essence, they are useless and perhaps counter-productive. It would help if you captured photographs that are exclusive to that property. If your house is in a city, lifestyle images of the fixtures and the property’s central position will be far more appealing than uploading photos of the bathroom.

Arrange for viewings:

Showing your house to potential buyers is an important selling process. It might be tough to schedule viewings if you work during the day. Enlist the support of relatives or friends you can trust to show potential buyers around your house. If you cannot do so, schedule viewings for the weekends or evenings.

Accepting a proposal:

If all goes according to plan, you should be able to close a deal with a possible buyer, but keep in mind that nothing is legally binding until the documents are exchanged.

After these procedures, the potential buyer may arrange for a property survey before concluding the transaction. He could want to renegotiate the arrangement if he discovers something disruptive, so be prepared for such shocks.

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