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Top 10 Exports of Pakistan | Current Economic Situation

Top 10 Exports of Pakistan Current Economic Situation

Exports of Pakistan increased by 29% during the first ten months of current fiscal year, which is PKR 7.1 trillion. The exports of the country have witnessed high increase during this year as compared to the corresponding period of last year. According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, exports during July 2023 to April 2024.

Here is the list of the top 10 exports of Pakistan:

  1. Textiles
  2. Cotton
  3. Leather Goods  
  4. Surgical Instruments
  5. Football
  6. Sugar
  7. Salt
  8. Cereal & Grains (Rice, Barely, Rye, Oats)
  9. Fruits (Mangoes, Oranges)
  10. Vegetable Oils (Palm, Soya-bean, mustard, olive, sunflower)

The economy of Pakistan, having diverse features and is well endowed with good export market to many countries in the world. These products include wide range of fabrics, fruits, leather and sports goods: Therefore, it signifies the industrial and agricultural opportunities present in this region. The top 10 Major Exports of Pakistan are the following:

1. Textiles

Pakistan’s export industry and textile go hand in hand. Henceforth, it will remain the backbone of the country’s economy and export business. Country has earned a status for the exporting high-quality fabrics, garments and home textiles. After the successful development of textile mills and clothing industry; it has now established itself as one of the leading industries of Pakistan in terms of manpower and it is exporting the products across the globe.

2. Cotton

Pakistan has a suitable climate for the cultivation of cotton. This crop mostly harvested in the regions of Punjab and Sindh, where fertile soil is available. Thus, it provides high yield production coupled with good quality of the cotton. Holding an important place in the country’s economy as it supports the livelihoods of many farmers. Pakistan being one of the biggest producers of cotton exports including raw cotton apart from cotton yarn and fabrics to cater the global textile market and to support its own industrial development.

3. Leather Goods

Sportswear, shoes, jackets and belts are some of the main outfits accessories commonly exported by Pakistan. The country has a vast and humongous leather industry with well-trained craftsmanship and professional specialists in the field of leather goods. E-commerce and internet marketing are playing a major role mostly for the export of the Pakistani leather products to the European countries, North American and Middle Eastern nations.

4. Surgical Instruments

Being a leading exporter of surgical instruments and tools. Pakistan has held immense demand in hospitals and healthcare centres for providing medical facilities globally. Sialkot the city of Pakistan is a major hub of manufacturing surgical instruments. Henceforth, it has established itself as an industrial powerhouse for these precision instruments which are known for their qualities like highly accurate, durable and reliable. Mostly, Pakistan exports its surgical items to India, Germany and Vietnam.

5. Football

Amazingly! One of the largest exporters of footballs, Pakistan is among the leading producers of this sports item. The famous city of Sialkot also known as the city of Iqbal ranked among the main contributor of supplying hand-stitched footballs for professional leagues and tournaments like FIFA World Cup.

6. Sugar

Pakistan is an agricultural based country and export of sugar production is one of the most important components of the country’s economy. The country exports a substantial amount of its refined sugar, which is in high demand in the global market. Produced purely by sugar-cane, due to its quality the demand is also high all across the globe. Moreover, it known that it is wholly produced without using any additional or extra additives.

7. Salt

Pakistan is home to one of the largest salt mines in the world: The Khewra Salt Mine, which has vast reserves of high-quality salt. The mine produces a variety of salt, including the highly priced Pink Himalayan Salt, which is sought after globally for its purported health benefits and unique taste. Due to its quality, purity and high mineral content, it is minimally processed and free from additives: making it more attractive to health-conscious consumers.

The extraction and production costs of salt in Pakistan are relatively low due to inexpensive labour and the abundance of natural resources. This cost advantage allows Pakistan to offer competitive pricing in the international market.

8. Grains & Cereals

A large number of grains and cereals such as rice, millet, barely, rye and oats has been cultivated from a long time on the fertile lands of Pakistan. Among them rice is one of the most important export of the country: after Bangladesh Pakistan is the largest exporter of rice specially ‘Basmati Rice’ as it is highly regarded worldwide for its aroma and fine quality.

9. Fruits

Pakistan is known for its beautiful seasons and versatile landscapes, which provides farmers and agriculturalist to grow different types of crops and harvest fruit orchards in abundance. Mango the king of fruits belongs to the homeland of Pakistan. These mangoes, known for their taste and sweetness and this country is also an exporter of almost all kinds of citrus fruits and its juicy oranges almost reaches to every market worldwide.

10. Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils which include palm, soybean, mustard, olive and sunflower oils are the vital part of Pakistan’s major exports. These oils are mostly consumed in cooking meals and different purposes making them valuable supplies worldwide.

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The exports of Pakistan echo the colourful culturally rich traditional and modern industries, exhibiting the country’s capability to flourish and succeed in global market.

These exports of Pakistan not only strengthen the economy of the country but also reflecting the country’s capabilities. Henceforth, by understanding the imports and exports of Pakistan is critical for comprehending its financial landscape. From textiles to fruits, these exports illustrate Pakistan’s motivated and ever-evolving export sector.

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