Excise and Taxation: Significance of Public Finance and Service Delivery

punjab excise and taxation

Public utilities are based on one particular keystone known as ‘Excise and Taxation’. Therefore, to understand the importance and functioning of public administration, it is pertinent to look deeper into the of the Excise and Taxation Department and how it works. However, the department is significantly important in Pakistan’s financial management. It is primarily engaged […]

Budget Brief on Finance Bill 2024: Real Estate Related Amendments


Introduction to Pakistan Budget 2024 The recently tabled Finance Bill 2024 (Budget 2024-25 Pakistan) contains several amendments: that affect real estate directly through the income tax rates, advance tax on sale and purchase of immovable property and FED (federal excise duty). The following information elaborate all the changes with an aim to introduce stakeholders to […]

Job vs Business: Find your Path to be Successful

Job vs Business: Find your Path to be Successful

In the era of an ever-evolving sector of real estate, individuals often find themselves at a crossroads: whether they should make a seamless transition into fine-tuned companies or instead try to carve out their work and fight the battle in the industry. At this point, what career choices they have to make, either to end up as […]

Financial Freedom: Difference Between Active and Passive Income

The constant flow of multiple incomes is an aim that every individual aspires to achieve. However, to attain this goal one has to adopt more than one mode of earning. People come across two of the most critical features when they are trying to learn about different sources of income. All of us are familiar […]

Top 10 Exports of Pakistan | Current Economic Situation

Top 10 Exports of Pakistan Current Economic Situation

Exports of Pakistan increased by 29% during the first ten months of current fiscal year, which is PKR 7.1 trillion. The exports of the country have witnessed high increase during this year as compared to the corresponding period of last year. According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, exports during July 2023 to April 2024. Here is […]

World’s Best Business Opportunity: Revealing the Roadmap to Success

World Best Business Opportunities

World Best Business Opportunities: In a nutshell, here are some business plans and opportunities which constitute the roadmap for successful start-ups. If you are ready to rule the world of entrepreneurship in 2024, take a look at the best business pursuits, which will bring you success. What is the World Best Business Opportunity? Most business […]

The Most Beautiful Capitals of the World

Most Beautiful Capitals of the World

Our planet, a terrestrial sphere known as ‘Earth’ is home to nume­rous nations, each one has its own unique charm and narrative. Certain countries captivate­ and hold sway with their breath-taking landscapes, architectural glory and awe­-inspiring cities. A compilation of the world’s most picture­sque capital cities, using various search engines and research works done at […]

Studio Apartment: Master the Art of Compact Living

Studio Apartment Master the Art of Compact Living

Young professionals seeking for convenience, prefer minimalism and longing for simplicity. Nonetheless, studio apartment is the best option for them. Residents living in compact spaces must be thoroughly aware of ways how to optimize the small space. Lately, the rapid urbanization has been observed, with addition to the expenses going higher with every passing day: […]

Guide: Per Square Foot Construction Cost in Pakistan 2024

Per Square Foot Construction Cost in Pakistan 2024

Estimating construction cost, either it is for residential or commercial purpose is a difficult drill. However, while budgeting the cost of any construction project should be on high-priority at work list. Therefore, in this ever-evolving and fast-paced sector of real estate, it’s wise enough to know the per square foot construction cost in Pakistan 2024. […]

Property Tax in Pakistan: Implications and Calculation Methods

Property Tax in Pakistan Implications and Calculation Methods

The authority and administration of Property Tax in Pakistan is a complex and multifaceted task, it has a vital role in local government revenue generation and urban development. Understanding the gradations of property taxation is important for property owners, policymakers and taxpayers. In this detailed guideline, we will develop the deep understanding about the Property […]

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