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Earth Breaking Ceremony Marks the Commencement of Al-Fatah Departmental Store in Etihad Town Phase – I, Raiwind Road

Earth Breaking Ceremony of Al-Fatah Departmental Store in Etihad Town

Lahore, Pakistan – March 22, 2024 – A momentous occasion unfolded on Friday, as the earth breaking ceremony of the Al-Fatah supermarket took place at Etihad Town Phase I, located on Main Raiwind Road, Lahore. The official management of Union Developers and Al-Fatah showed mass participation in the ceremony, accompanied by enthusiastic participants.

Union Developers, represented by CEO Mr. Naeem Ahmed Malik, COO Mr. Naseem Khan and General Manager Construction Col. (R) Shahid, showcased their firm commitment to the project. Meanwhile, Al-Fatah’s CEO, Mr. Anis Iqbal, graced the occasion, highlighting the significance of this venture for the renowned departmental store chain. On this occasion he also praised the commitment and dedication of Union Developers towards fast pace development work on projects and especially emphasized on the commitment and dedication of visionary CEO Mr. Naeem Ahmed Malik to develop upscale real estate in Lahore.

Established in 1941, Al-Fatah has consistently provided a diverse range of products to its customers and clients. Also, one of the pioneers for introducing imported varieties to the Pakistani market.

During the ceremony, General Manager Construction Col. (R) Shahid addressed to the media, affirming Union Developers’ will complete the construction and development of Al-Fatah outlet within 240 days. He expressed gratitude to Union Developers and Etihad Town’s residents, framing the project as a gesture of goodwill from Union Developers to the local community. Moreover, he hinted at forthcoming endeavors aimed at further enhancing customer experiences.

The event garnered praise from attendees, including the residents of Etihad Town and citizens of Lahore, who lauded the quality and scope of the Al-Fatah Departmental Store. The addition of this expansive store to Etihad Town promises to uplift the retail landscape in the area.

Mr. Naeem Ahmed Malik, Chief Executive Officer of Union Developers, presided over the symbolic earth breaking ceremony, signifying the commencement of construction for the Al-Fatah outlet at Etihad Town Phase – I, Raiwind Road.

As construction progresses, anticipation mounts for the unveiling of this new landmark, which is poised to redefine shopping experiences in Lahore.

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