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Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Pakistan

best real estate developers in pakistan

Whether people are buying, selling, or renting, the property is essential that generates a great deal of profit as an investment opportunity. In Pakistan, the real estate sector has experienced steady growth that has attracted the best real estate agencies. Property agencies offer solutions to investors and clients in Pakistan’s real estate business. It is probably challenging for you to choose a real estate property dealer. Many buyers and sellers struggle with this. Many estate agencies provide solutions to potential buyers in Pakistan. Here you can find a list of Pakistan’s top 10 real estate companies.

Zameen: is one of Pakistan’s most popular property platforms and the nation’s premier real estate company. Created in 2006, it connects buyers and sellers online in Pakistan’s real estate industry. Zameen is an innovative property developer boundary finder that enlarges the scope of the Pakistani real estate industry. They have worked on many national and international projects. On its website, users can access a simple but valuable panel. Zameen covers various categories, including real estate, rental properties, wanted properties, agents, and projects. The Forum Section offers comprehensive investment advice to newbie investors. Also, Zameen promoted real estate fairs and expositions.

Estate Land Marketing:

The company is a well-known name in the real estate agencies sector that rapidly expands in the Twin Cities and offers marketing services. The company has built trust with its clients and their satisfaction concerns by maintaining a corporate culture of professionalism and developing an ethical approach to business. Thousands of consumers and investors sought their advice on making wise investments, which resulted in handsome returns. The company focuses on client service rather than profit, breaking conventional business procedures and beliefs.

The company provides investment care services to its clients. Their investment projects for clients are Nova City, Capital Smart City, Smart City Lahore and Park View City Lahore. Their most successful projects, Capital Smart City and Smart City Lahore, have yielded great results.

Union Developers:

Union Developers are in direct competition with many seasoned and well-respected real estate developers. As the portfolio is continuously growing, one thing remains constant. We keep our promises and provide the best product available. They have the workforce for all your needs related to building construction, land development and architectural planning. The company has experienced project managers and contractors and experienced builders, equipment, and machinery. Union Developers help their clients navigate the real estate process with efficient guidance and effective collaboration. Our experts have developed progressive architectural designs that set the groundwork for the whole project. Their successful projects are Etihad Town and Union luxury apartments.

Etihad Town is a well-developed residential community that is a prime setting for profitably investing in real estate or constructing your dream home. It provides residential and commercial plots for a better life. An upscale lifestyle awaits in this gated community.

At Union Luxury Apartments, a wide variety of high-end amenities are available that make the living experience ideal for any family. Additionally, residents have access to a gym, a Turkish bathhouse, an upscale cafe, and parking reserved for all occupants.

ZEM Builders:

Zeeshan A. Qureshi founded ZEM Builders 12 years ago to establish a new level of luxury in Pakistan. They succeed in achieving their objectives by being real estate experts who properly manage their relationships with customers and investors.


Founded in 2016, Agency 21 aims to change the perception of real estate in Pakistan. After establishing itself as the market leader in the Twin Cities, Agency 21 has grown at a remarkable rate since then. Its company culture and integrity have allowed them to earn the trust and confidence of its clients. Through expanding its network in every major city, it became the first national brand in successive years. It differentiated itself from the competition by personifying superior service, knowledge, provision, and perfection.

Star Marketing:

STAR Marketing is one of Pakistan’s leading Real-Estate marketing firms, providing innovative marketing concepts and promotional techniques to real-estate developers and builders. The company has a tremendous track record in marketing notable residential and commercial projects in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Nowshera, Larkana, Mardan, Hyderabad, Gwadar, Gujranwala, and other major Pakistani cities.

SKY ONE Real Estate & Builders:

In Karachi, Sky One Real Estate & Builders is an authorized dealer of Bahria Town. Sky One Real Estate & Builders stands out from the crowd with extensive industry knowledge and an unwavering commitment to its clients. Almost all of their success is attributed to the positive word-of-mouth referrals they get from their clients. They have been developing residential and commercial buildings in Bahria Town for over 12 years.

Square Nine:

Al Miraj is the head of Square Nine. In addition to providing world-class services, Square Nine International is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its clients. Their current projects include the Avenue, Melrose Arch, and Terraces Residence.

Ilaan: has quickly emerged as the go-to destination for Pakistani property buyers. is the largest property web portal; the acquirer helps clients make better real estate capital investment decisions by enhancing their visual property viewing experiences. Its consistent expansion from all sides has made a trustworthy name in the industry.

Chohan Estate:

In Pakistan, Chohan Estate is also well-known for its services to the community. They are known for meeting the needs of clients from around the world. In Islamabad, they assist clients in finding a suitable property.

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