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Leading Building Industry Towards ‘Net Zero’


Practical Design Solutions in Pakistan can Impact Future Generations through Sustainable & Resilient Structures The clock is ticking, with every passing moment we are drifting away from life, inhaling clean air is beyond reach, lands are getting barren and famine leads to fatalities. Lahore is the most polluted city of the world, according to WHO. […]

Breakthrough in Construction Industry: Union Developers has Introduced Revolutionizing Autodesk Software Solutions in BIM


Challenges of Pakistan’s Construction Sector Effective collaboration and seamless teamwork, is a foundation of achieving success. Pakistan’s construction industry is no stranger to challenges, especially when it comes to project execution. Lack of collaboration, communication gaps, design revisions, price hike and clashes between plan drafts are the major hurdles faced by stakeholders. Union Developers (Pvt.) […]

Top industry players recognised at 2023 Real Estate Asia Awards

real estate asia awards

Source: The awards programme lauds innovative and standout real estate projects and developments. Project developments and sales operations in the real estate industry were greatly impacted by unforeseen circumstances brought about by the pandemic. Despite this, many developers managed to remain resilient whilst thriving amidst the challenging times. In recognition of the most innovative […]

How to be successful in the real estate business?

real estate agents successful business

Real estate can be a world where you either sink or swim. It demands strong focus, honed interpersonal abilities, and adaptability to change. It also requires the endurance and mental strength necessary to play the waiting game. That also applies to investors wanting to seize the following lucrative property. And that most certainly applies to […]

Benefits of Using Technology in Your Rental Property Business

Have you ever desired you could replicate yourself so you could simultaneously be in three separate locations? Without a doubt, you are always being pushed in a variety of directions. As a landlord, you have a lot to manage, especially if you have many properties. Fortunately, the technology that is available to us today may […]

Reasons why renting is financially better than buying property

The majority of people view buying and owning a home as achieving the Pakistani ideal, which has been since the dawn of humanity. Perhaps you have also dreamed of this. But have you ever thought about the advantages of being a tenant and paying rent? Here are some advantages that renting has over buying and […]

Ways to get New Clients in Real Estate Business

Real Estate

Getting new clients is typically the first step in business development for real estate agents. It can be challenging for agents to find the time and energy to target prospects and advertise to them given their long hours and hectic days. Here are some suggestions that can be useful if you feel that your prospecting […]

Tips to Get the Best Price When Selling Home

The moment you put your house on sale is both exciting and challenging. Even though there are numerous factors to consider when buying or selling a home, every seller tends to have one irritating concern: Can they sell their house for the amount it is worth or even more? Use these quick improvements to increase […]

Overseas investors’ Guide to invest in Pakistan’s Real Estate


Real estate is continuously recognized as the best investment option. The real estate industry in Pakistan is currently rising to new heights. Many new projects are being built that depart from the typical master plan, and each project offers something fresh and unique. Exercise extra caution and awareness when seeking such changes. Property brokers in […]

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